18 Nov

Lubuntu 22.04 Backports PPA – LXQt 1.2 Call For Testing

The Lubuntu Team is happy to announce that an update to LXQt 1.2 through the Lubuntu Backports PPA is now available as a beta.

What is the Lubuntu Backports PPA?

Our Backports PPA is modeled after Kubuntu's. It exists to provide the latest LXQt desktop stack on top of a stable Ubuntu base. (The concept could also be considered similar to KDE Neon.) As time goes on, our development focus will continue to be on new releases, and we plan on landing and testing changes there prior to pushing them to Backports. That being said, this is a perfect middle ground between stability and new features that users of all experience levels will be able to enjoy.

Is this a separate edition of Lubuntu, and why is it in beta if it was already released upstream?

Nope, this is still the same Lubuntu you know and love, you're just getting new features available on the regular releases earlier than everyone else on the LTS release. You're jumping on an in-between track. The development release has a different audience than LTS users, so they may notice changes that LTS release users may not, and vice versa.

Okay, so how do I install it?

Please don't enable Backports Staging unless you plan on giving us testing feedback in some capacity.

The Backports Staging PPA is available here. You can add the PPA using the following command: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/backports-staging

Please test it and give us feedback (Matrix preferred). One thing to note, DO NOT KEEP THIS PPA ENABLED AFTER UPGRADING TO THE PACKAGES IT CONTAINS. We plan on migrating LXQt 1.2 to the main Backports PPA officially on Friday, November 25th, 2022 assuming no showstopper issues present themselves.

You, yes you, can help

If you have some time, please consider joining us. If you would like to help us continue the development of the project long-term, you can donate to the Lubuntu project here.

(Please support our friends at 9to5linux.com and at TuxDigital.)

25 Jun

Box theme re-merge fixes

Again, some changes in the GTK libraries made our theme looking wrong. This is a fix applied to GK3 apps with list boxes being greyed out making them totally unreadable (bug #1464349). See the differences before and after:

Also, some fixes in the core Ubuntu theme corrected the titlebar for Unity and the toolbar “continuity effect” in all environments. Before and after:
As always, you can upgrade or get your theme from the Artwork page. If you’re a Wily Werewolf user or you added the PPA to your system, these changes will arrive soon.
12 Jul

PCManFM 1.2.1

Another update of our file manager PCManFM, tones of bug fixes and new implementations:

  • fixed dragging and dropping icons behavior
  • fixed icons positioning
  • fixed resetting cursor in location bar
  • corrected folder popup update on loading
  • reordered ‘View’ menu item
  • implemented drawing icons of dragged items
  • etc.

Also a huge update and bug fixing in libfm libraries (1.2.1) too. You can use this updated version in Lubuntu Trusty Tahr. For that you must add the Lubuntu Daily PPA if you hadn’t do it. Just open LXTerminal and type these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pcmanfm

Via LXDE Blog

09 May

PPA for LTS packages

As many of you already know, Lubuntu 14.04 is an LTS release. That means we have a lot of time to fix bugs and upload newer packages. Julien Lavergne has recently posted a new PPA for that “maintenance” purpose. If you want to upgrade all your system, including the artwork ;), open a terminal and paste these:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:lubuntu-dev/staging
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

You’ll notice that artwork will change, nm-applet is fixed now (bye to some wi-fi connections problems) and solved the autostart issue. Have fun!

31 Jul

Skippy-XD PPA

We have found a new PPA for our beloved Skippy-XD tool. If you don’t remember what it is, just have a look at the article (now updated) on this blog. If you want to install this compilation from GIT (another “latest” apps repository) you can do it the easy way, having no more depending on DEB downloads and ensure updates. Just open LXTerminal and execute these two command lines:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:landronimirc/skippy-xd-daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skippy-xd

That’s all. Now if you followed the article guide mentioned you should have a cool Exposé-like effect on your desktop.

Via WebUpd8

27 Jan

New Compton PPA

It’s finished. A new PPA is available for Comtpon, the lightweight compositing manager. Thanks to cchj and Richard Grenville we have a new thirdparty repository available. It has been tested on both Quantal and Raring, and I must say it’s pretty stable. Just follow the instructions provided at the Compton page at Tips’n’Tricks. Enjoy!

PS. Soon I’ll update the configuration guide to modify the settings file without using pasameters at the command line.

06 Jun

Audacious 3.2.3

Interesting news for all Lubuntu users, because the default audio player of the distro, Audacious, has been update, but don’t think about big changes on the interface or such, this version solves the folowing bugs:

  • jump to song search results do not include songs not yet scanned for metadata (bug #91)
  • equalizer presets don’t survive app restart (bug #99)
  • add MimeType=inode/directory; to audacious.desktop (feature #102)
  • jump to song doesn’t respond to enter at the first place (bug #108)
  • HSP file causes segfault (bug #111)
  • ogg vorbis detection and linking issues (bug #113)
  • show song numbers and leading zeroes not adopted directly (bug #114)

Audacious will be updated soon on Lubuntu systems but, if you want to have them fixed now, you’ll need to install via the WebUpd8 PPA. Instructions (with a terminal):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y audacious audacious-plugins

Via Ubuntips.
03 Feb


A new great tool ready for using with our beloved Lubuntu: LxScreenshot! This is another brilliant creation from the Stefano, the same author of LxFind. You can imagine what’s its purpose, creating screen captures with ease and a simple interface, with timing capture (in seconds) and the option to choose the folder to save it on.


You can install this tool just by looking for it with the Lubuntu Software Center if you added the PPA. If not, type this in a terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lxscreenshot

It’s highly recommendable to put a handy button on the panel quicklaunch for executing it.

21 Jan


Haven’t tried LxFind yet? For those who doesn’t know it, it will be the default file and document search tool or Lubuntu. For trying it (remember, it’s not an ultimate comilation) put this on a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lxfind

 If you already added our PPA just install the package “lxfind”.