06 May

Get extra apps for Lubuntu

You like Lubuntu, you waited for it, you downloaded and installed it. Now you have a beautiful and fast environment running on your computer. You possibly read the Tips’n’Tricks articles on this blog and customized the installed system to your needs and taste. But youve got a new repository with a few non-official apps:

  • compton, a very fresh git version of this composite manager
  • lubuntu-tweaks, a simple tool to tweak some aspects of your desktop
  • menulibre, and graphical editor for the application menu entries
  • viewnior, a revamped image viewer with extra abilities (crop, resize, etc)
  • xombrero, a very minimalistic and ultra-fast web browser

And more to come. If you want to get these apps, just execute this on LXTerminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/non-official-apps
sudo apt-get update

…and then execute “sudo apt-get install ” followed by a space and the app name you want.

27 Jan

New Compton PPA

It’s finished. A new PPA is available for Comtpon, the lightweight compositing manager. Thanks to cchj and Richard Grenville we have a new thirdparty repository available. It has been tested on both Quantal and Raring, and I must say it’s pretty stable. Just follow the instructions provided at the Compton page at Tips’n’Tricks. Enjoy!

PS. Soon I’ll update the configuration guide to modify the settings file without using pasameters at the command line.

29 Sep

Meet Compton

Did you miss anything in Lubuntu? Maybe some eyecandy like Compiz does in Ubuntu? Well, that solved for low-spec computers too. You can have shadows, transparencies and smooth transitions in your windows and programs thanks to Compton, the new composite manager in town. It’s a fork from xcompmgr-dana (which is a fork istelf from xcompmgr). Thanks to our pals at Crunchbang Linux, we can use the GIT versions on Lubuntu too.

Download your 32bit or 64bit version and try it while it’s hot. Combine it with your favourite dock or whatever. And this program solves the problem that Lubuntu 12.10 users may have with other composite managers, like Cairo or XCompMgr. You can check the screenshot to see it’s really beautiful, but I can sure you that it’s really fast too!