12 Dec

Merry Christmas!

As usual, every festive season has its own dedicated wallpaper. And Christmas is, without any doubt, the most celebrated party around the globe. And as this became a tradition, here are some Lubuntu related wallpapers (1280×1024). Choose your flavour!

Edit: now, due to some proposals, available at 1600×1200 resolution:

02 Dec

Customize your clock

The clock of your panel is a very handy and customizable tool. You can
make it show whatever you want with a few single steps, using codes
called strftime. You don’t need to memorize them all, just use the ones
you need, copy and paste. That easy…

This how this new article of our Tips’n’Tricks collection starts. Have a look!

And remember, if you have another tip or advice, and want it published at Lubuntu Blog, don’t hesitate and send it.

Edit: sorry for not posting this as a blog new.

28 Nov

Restyling Box

Arriving to version 0.43, we found the inspiration (or the need) to revisit the current icon theme. Just a few retouches here and there, a lot of (colour) improvements and (grid) adjustments, returned a refreshed air on all folders and related glyphs, and an overall smoothing look. Now the theme is a bit more sharp than before, and sure more clear for reading in small and big screens. Here’s the sample:

Also, if you use any dock (docky, plank,  or you just use a huge lxPanel) you’ll notice the completed new sizes. If you have installed Lubuntu 13.10 don’t worry, updates will arrive in a few weeks.

22 Jul

RazorQT theme

Yesterday I read this interesting article on the LXDE blog. For those who don’t know yet, RazorQT and LXDE are joining forces, to make a extremely fast, beautiful and brand new desktop. And here we are, Lubuntu, with a promising RazorQT session available.

Until this arrives (the complete and finished RazorQT environment) you can install it via the official PPA and use this ready-made theme to match your Lubuntu Raring Ringtail desktop. Download it while it’s hot!

06 May

Get extra apps for Lubuntu

You like Lubuntu, you waited for it, you downloaded and installed it. Now you have a beautiful and fast environment running on your computer. You possibly read the Tips’n’Tricks articles on this blog and customized the installed system to your needs and taste. But youve got a new repository with a few non-official apps:

  • compton, a very fresh git version of this composite manager
  • lubuntu-tweaks, a simple tool to tweak some aspects of your desktop
  • menulibre, and graphical editor for the application menu entries
  • viewnior, a revamped image viewer with extra abilities (crop, resize, etc)
  • xombrero, a very minimalistic and ultra-fast web browser

And more to come. If you want to get these apps, just execute this on LXTerminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/non-official-apps
sudo apt-get update

…and then execute “sudo apt-get install ” followed by a space and the app name you want.

04 Feb

DEFT Linux 7

Another Linux distro updated now with Lubuntu in its core: DEFT Linux 7. This is a great recovery and forensic distro with lots of tools to aid for repairing partitions, damaged clusters, recover lost data, make network tests and configurations, etc. I can’t write the whole list of apps included in this release, not enough space 🙂


Mmm, thatartwork sounds familiar to me… 😀

13 Oct

Lubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) released

Finally, the long awaited release is here. Notes from Julien Lavergne, the Lubuntu team leader:

  • ISOs are now build with Ubuntu official build system
  • alternate ISOs are available
  • many updates from LXDE (most components had official releases)
  • build with recommended packages by default
  • use recommends instead of depends for most of components of lubuntu-desktop meta-package
  • register correctly LXDE as a desktop environment by xdg tools
  • switch to xfce4-power-manager for power management
  • add a microblog client: pidgin-microblog
  • new theme made by Rafael Laguna

The release notes, with a list of known problems are available here. You can find information on how to report bug on this wiki page. Also check out the Lubuntu website, the documentation, the LXDE website and the official announcement.

 You can grab it at the usual Downloads page.