22 Jul

Box for Qt

Box’s evolution continues ahead. Due to the Qt development, the main theme for Lubuntu must grow a bit more to cover more apps, devices and, of course, environments. Now it’s Qt, the sub-system for the next Lubuntu desktop, but this will allow its use for KDE5 and Plasma Next. For now it’s just a project, but the Dolphin file manager looks fine!

Note: this is under heavy development, no downloads for now, sorry.

12 thoughts on “Box for Qt

  1. a version of the icons without borders or lighter borders would be very nice, imo a more flat version would be a much more actual and modern.

  2. @Unknown, for the moment only icons. Dolphin is using GTK3 here.

    @Sam, theorically Blogger let's you choose fool feeds or just a category. Simplified using Feedly.

    @Leo, that's a matter of taste. Anyway, I'm running away the shiny things, and modifying them slowly.

  3. QT / Plasma support is being added slowly (more than I'd like). Don't expect a sudden release of QT support. As we add more icons the more complete it will be. I can't do it faster, sorry. Anyway, the goal for this artwork is being absolutely compatible with LXQT, not KDE itself.

  4. I really like this icon set! Fantastic work! Please don't remove too much shininess, and please don't make it too flat. There are so many flat themes but so few good looking non-flat ones.

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