29 Nov

Unity looks familiar

Mm, am I the only one? Did you get an eye on this “revolutionary interface” for Ubuntu called Unity? Doesn’t it remember a lot on WindowMaker? Ok, it’s not enough talking about “little squares” that launch things, but they could improve the dock to be a bit different than tne old-school MacOS or GNUStep one. Have a look and compare (btw, windowmaker is the one at the right :D):

24 Nov

Tuquito Control Center

Ups, I forgot to mention this. There’s a new control center in the town, from the distro called Tuquito maintained by Mario Colque, from Argentina. You can install this if your system is Ubuntu-based (maverick). Just execute this command line in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paquetes-tuquito/universal && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tuquito-control-center

And that’s all. It’s compatible with Gnome and LXDE environments, so it fits perfectly in our Lubuntu desktop. It’s made in Python, HTML5 and JQuery (implemented over WebKit), so it’s light, fast and very customizable.

18 Nov

Ubuntu Mono

No, not talking about Mono Runtime right now (you already know it’s a bit controversial). The boys from Canonical Design are attempting to replace the Monospace font (Sans or DejaVu packages) with Ubuntu Mono. A great work (those who are not designers or type evolved doesn’t know how big this effort is). So, go ahead, you’re doing a great job. I can’t wait for replacing my Terminal font!

16 Nov

Natty Narwhall mockup!

Well, it’s  not really a mockup, it’s already an applied theme to my Lubuntu desktop, fully functional and installable. The mockups are a tricky question, because of their complexity and inability of some visual improvements (due to coding limitations), like this:

Now let’s return to the real world. I don’t know if this theme will be the next one for the 11.04 release of Lubuntu, but anyway it could be a nice theme. I must be voted, aproved and accepted for the (growing) community. It’s based on Zuki Blues, by Lassekongo. Have a look and say what you think (screenshot with and without shadows).

14 Nov

ZevenOS 3.0

Another great OS has been released. Ok, it’s not Lubuntu, but it’s based on Maverick, so it could be considered as a “brother” kind to our distro, and maintained by our collaborator Leszek Lesner. Have a look and you’ll find a nice BeOS-ish desktop and a bunch of applications that accomplish every possible daily need. More info about this release here.