01 Dec

Ubuntu font 0.84

The guys from Design Canonical team have been busy these days, upgrading our desktop font to cover more alphabets, completing the Unicode sets for Hebrew, Arabic and Cyrillic. This change will arrive with Lubuntu 16.04, but we can get this updated font now, version 0.84, just downloading the package and uncompressing it in the ~/.fonts folder.


18 Nov

Ubuntu Mono

No, not talking about Mono Runtime right now (you already know it’s a bit controversial). The boys from Canonical Design are attempting to replace the Monospace font (Sans or DejaVu packages) with Ubuntu Mono. A great work (those who are not designers or type evolved doesn’t know how big this effort is). So, go ahead, you’re doing a great job. I can’t wait for replacing my Terminal font!

28 Sep

Ubuntu font

Ok, it’s not really a Lubuntu related post, but it’s an amazing event. The Ubuntu font is almost complete, and now you can download and install it for testing on your system. The font has been updated so french, catalan, german or portuguese speakers can use the whole alphabet! It “only” lacks hebrew, asian and arabic codes for completing the Unicode table. Specific characters will be added  Try it with your Lubuntu desktop! Download the DEB package at Launchpad. A great effort from Canonical Design Team.