29 Nov

Unity looks familiar

Mm, am I the only one? Did you get an eye on this “revolutionary interface” for Ubuntu called Unity? Doesn’t it remember a lot on WindowMaker? Ok, it’s not enough talking about “little squares” that launch things, but they could improve the dock to be a bit different than tne old-school MacOS or GNUStep one. Have a look and compare (btw, windowmaker is the one at the right :D):

5 thoughts on “Unity looks familiar

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  2. Glad I am not the only one who thought it was like windowmaker, if only they just took windowmaker to start with and improved it a little..

  3. And if you go deeper, you'll see a real EtoileOS interface imitation (the app menu on top, the docky-like panel on the left, the indicators on the right, etc).

    It's a natural progress derivated from a great desktop (NeXTstep, WindowMaker, GNUStep, EtoileOS…).

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