09 Apr

This Week in Lubuntu Development #2

Here is the second issue of This Week in Lubuntu Development. You can read last week’s issue here.

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Lubuntu Next

Infrastructure and Project Changes

I proposed to the Ubuntu Release Team and other flavors (as well as the Desktop and Server teams) last night that we should discontinue the Alpha and Beta 1 milestones in favor of monthly coordinated testing of all ISOs we typically ship in a release. Feel free to let us know your thoughts as a comment below or on the mailing list if you have anything for us to consider.


You can find the Bionic Beaver release schedule here. This week is Bionic’s Kernel Freeze and Non-Language-Pack Translation Deadline.

In layman’s terms, this means that as of Thursday at 21 UTC, 18.04’s usage of Linux 4.15 is final, and if you want to help with translating any of the programs listed on the wiki page, there are no guarantees that your translations will be included in the release (although they will certainly be included in the 18.10 release and on, so we encourage help in translating those applications regardless of the release status ­čÖé ).

In technical terms, this means that while the Linux kernel will still bump ABI (as is usual with kernel updates, unfortunately), it will not bump the patch version string. As for translations, a manual export might not be done from Rosetta past that date into the source packages (which would likely have to happen before Final Freeze).

Next week, the RC comes out, and Final Freeze is put into place. This means that only critical updates will go into the Lubuntu release, and whatever updates don’t get spun into the ISOs will arrive via an update. From there, Lubuntu 18.04 will receive point releases like a normal LTS.

In terms of the LTS releases, there’s nothing unusual in the roadmap. The tentative date for 16.04.5 is August 5th, 2018, and our support for 16.04 ends in April of 2019.

One point of clarification that should be made from last week is that Lubuntu Next will not ship as a release ISO for 18.04, but will stay as a daily ISO. The packages in the archive (so, the LXQt stack) will only be supported for nine months. See last week’s newsletter for why that is.

In the Press

This section is for highlighting exceptional Lubuntu coverage throughout the past week.




Lubuntu will be at LinuxFest NorthWest 2018, come say hello! You can find Release Manager Simon Quigley running the Ubuntu booth, and potentially QA Team Lead Walter Lapchynski at the conference as well.

You can find more details about the conference here.

Contact us

Feel free to get in touch with us here for support, and for press/marketing purposes or if you have a private inquiry, you can get in touch with Release Manager Simon Quigley here.