06 Apr

Lubuntu Bionic Beaver Final Beta has been released!

Lubuntu Bionic Beaver Final Beta (soon to be 18.04) has been released!

Thanks to the hard work of the Lubuntu team, we are pleased to announce the final beta!

This release just features an LXDE-based ISO, to prepare for the LTS. You can find many more details about the current status of Lubuntu on our weekly newsletter.

You can download the Lubuntu (LXDE) ISOs here.
Please remember to verify the checksum for the ISO once you have downloaded it.

A big thanks to the whole Lubuntu team and contributors for helping pull this release together! If you would like to join our team and help make Lubuntu 18.04 the best release ever, feel free to get involved! Any contribution of your time, no matter how small or trivial, helps us out. We would especially like some help testing these milestones before they are released to help identify any bugs. If you are interested in helping with that, please subscribe to the lubuntu-devel mailing list and watch out for Calls for Testing.

24 thoughts on “Lubuntu Bionic Beaver Final Beta has been released!

  1. When I try this cd (Lubuntu Bionic Beaver Final Beta), at the beginning, it turns everything on, but the mouse icon is visible but the whole screen is black.

  2. I tried to install Lubuntu 18.04 LTS Final Beta. The installation failed and I was asked to submit a big report. I had no problem re-installing Lubuntu 17.10.

  3. My 17.10 was stuck in the login loop endless so I decided to install the beta version of what will be 18.04. At on point an error window popped up due to an internal error, nonetheless it installed and is functional!!

  4. I’ve tested the 18.04 final beta from a live usb however it doesn’t load with the new lxqt Desktop enviroment but with LXDE, I suspect the reason is that my gpu is very old (Ati Radeon 9250) and isn’t able to run the lxqt DE?

  5. When installing from DVD ISO file did ran into installation problems got error install message and it submitted a bug report automatically when will this problem be corrected?…same thing happen to me on 3 desktop computers.

  6. When installing in a VM, it tells me “Unsafe swap space detected” and leaves instructions on how to turn it off. I am running it live before installing. The setup is Minimal and Normal installation with all options turned on and encryption used from the Installation Type menu. If I uncheck the encryption and lvm, it will install.

  7. Lubuntu 18.04.b2 live works on an Acer Aspire One from 2008 (Intel Atom 1.6Ghz, 1GB RAM);
    *have to wait about 8-10 min for desktop to appear (prob. due to s-l-o-w mem chips on USBs stick?)
    *suspend works!
    *only 123~125mb usage(!) at desktop (with terminal & “top” running;
    – compare to current HD intsalled Xubuntu 16.04.3 usually takes ~199~210mb)
    *hibernate **WORKS!!** -this is huge, since netbook users have to run down their (very limited w/ older batts.) charge on suspend
    -LXDE desktop appeared in about a minute on hibernation boot (I left about 750mb open on unetbootin-created USB stick)

  8. As a Linux noob and a lifelong slave of MS/Windows, I must say that this LUBUNTU 1804 is the greatest (!) – and I’ve just started my journey to learn Linux. I feel like that guy in the movie The Matrix who just discovered a new world. The real world!

    As testament to how great this is, as a noob, I was able to so easily and painlessly replace Windows 10 in about 10 minutes. The only disappointment I have is in myself … that I didn’t discover Ubuntu until now!

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