14 Aug

WattOS R4

Another clone of Lubuntu has been presented on the Internet. It’s called WattOS, remastered from an Ubuntu base and, according to its website, with all these features:

  • New music player changed to audacious with plugin for music stream searching – lightweight – codecs included.
  • Changed to VLC for video player
  • Changed to lightweight mail client sylpheed by default
  • Updated version of fotoxx photo editor
  • KeePassX password manager
  • xfce4 power manager 
  • Changed from Firefox to Chromium web browser – flash support already included.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and improvements

03 Aug

Ultimate Edition Lite 3

It has been released Ultimate Edition Lite, a known distro (already mentioned) based on Lubuntu (LXDE environment). As explained TheeMann:

What is Ultimate Edition Lite? Ultimate Edition Lite was built off Lubuntu, it is intended to be ran on low resource computers such as netbooks. Ultimate Edition Lite contains only the bare minimum, a browser, a music player and a few other tools. The desktop environment is LXDE / Openbox which has a look similar to Windows XP.

01 Aug

Caixa Mágica 16 LXDE

Another derivate from Lubuntu was found, called Caixa Mágica. Developed in Portugal, this Linux distribution was initially based on Mandriva, and now uses an Ubuntu base with DEB packages. It’s a DVD download with a lot of extras: Adobe Reader, gScriptor, The GIMP, LibreOffice, Skype, Java, Audio Tag Tool, Sound Juicer, Gnome-Recorder, Wine and Compiz-Fusion. Also includes Cartão de Cidadão, a software for managing national document identities and doing some administrative tasks. Of course, thaht amount of pre-installed software, the protuguese language support and the Compiz dependencies, it needs a bigger DVD installation media. Here’s the screenshot:

As you probably noticed, it uses Ozone theme from Lubuntu 11.04 (I’m glad about it and honoured with their choice). Thanks so much to Felipe Pessoa for pointing me the information.