28 Feb

WattOS R5

A new release of this minimal concept of Ubuntu using LXDE environment, the release of WattOS R5, based on 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) with the latest updates and featuring a lot of changes from R4:

  • Midori (with Flash support), Transmission and Filezilla
  • Audacious (streaming support included) and SMPlayer
  • Leafpad and KeepassX
  • Pinta, Cheese, Gnumeric and Abiword
  • improvements like ACPI, powertop, psensor, Jupiter and kernel 3.0.0-16

You can download it here. I highly recommend visiting the forum, where you’ll find a lot of information and advices.

14 Aug

WattOS R4

Another clone of Lubuntu has been presented on the Internet. It’s called WattOS, remastered from an Ubuntu base and, according to its website, with all these features:

  • New music player changed to audacious with plugin for music stream searching – lightweight – codecs included.
  • Changed to VLC for video player
  • Changed to lightweight mail client sylpheed by default
  • Updated version of fotoxx photo editor
  • KeePassX password manager
  • xfce4 power manager 
  • Changed from Firefox to Chromium web browser – flash support already included.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and improvements

11 Jan

WattOS R3

Another flavour of Ubuntu (Maverick based) using our beloved LXDE desktop: WattOS R3. It comes with a lot of improvements, a wide range of applications and ease of use. The distro includes Foobnix as media player, the photo editor Fotoxx, PCManFM with network support, KeePassX password manager, the standard planner Osmo, RedNotebook for creating personal diaries, and Firefox as the default web browser. Only available for x86 (32 bit) computers.