28 Sep

Ubuntu font

Ok, it’s not really a Lubuntu related post, but it’s an amazing event. The Ubuntu font is almost complete, and now you can download and install it for testing on your system. The font has been updated so french, catalan, german or portuguese speakers can use the whole alphabet! It “only” lacks hebrew, asian and arabic codes for completing the Unicode table. Specific characters will be added  Try it with your Lubuntu desktop! Download the DEB package at Launchpad. A great effort from Canonical Design Team.

12 Sep

Eyecandy (again and enhanced)

I’ve updated the Openbox configuration for the default Lubuntu session (3Ddesk zooms much faster now, and screen grabbing capability works again):

  • Changing virtual desktops
  • rotate left: ctrl + alt + left / mouse wheel up on desktop
  • rotate right: ctrl + alt + right / mouse wheel down on desktop
  • showing cube: ctrl + alt + up / select a face: left / right and space
  • Taking screenshots
    • grab entire screen: print key
    • grab only current window: alt + print
    • select area to grab: shift + print
    Enabling these effects and modifications requieres xcompmgr, scrot, kompose (32bit / 64bit) and 3ddesk (32bit / 64bit) and replacing ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml with this. And remember, it’s a configuration system file, so be careful when modifying it. See 3Ddesk in action:

    04 Sep

    Eyecandy (easy and updated)

    For those who think that low-resources systems are not able to have a bit of candyness, I must say they’re wrong. How to do this on Lubuntu? After reading the great Urukrama’s blog about Openbox configuration we can now do some tricks to do that job.

    • install xcompmgr, kompose (32bit / 64bit) and 3ddesk (32bit / 64bit)
    • add these commands to “/etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart”
      @exec xcompmgr -c -f -F -r 7.4 -o 0.6 -l -11.9 -t -10.4 -I 0.08 -O 0.08 -D 10

    • use this file insted of your ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

    …and that’s it, we have virtual desktops in 3D, using ctrl+alt+left or right, just like Compiz. That’s all, folks. I hope you like it!

    04 Sep

    Beta 1 released

    Here comes the new Beta release of Lubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). Julien Lavergne informs about changes and updates:
    • new lxappareance from LXDE git
    • update-notifier and Xpad was added
    • parcellite and Pyneighborhood removed
    • lxtask was added, to replace xfce4-taskmanager
    • evince is now used for reading pdf
    • we can now play games! (powered by ace-of-penguins)
    • new theme and installation slideshow by me 😉
    • lxde is now hal-free
    • new meta-packages lubuntu-core and lubuntu-restricted-extras
    • added support for indicator applets on lxpanel (turn off by default)
    • and the usual updates of LXDE and Lubuntu components packages
    You can download the ISO here.