12 Sep

Eyecandy (again and enhanced)

I’ve updated the Openbox configuration for the default Lubuntu session (3Ddesk zooms much faster now, and screen grabbing capability works again):

  • Changing virtual desktops
  • rotate left: ctrl + alt + left / mouse wheel up on desktop
  • rotate right: ctrl + alt + right / mouse wheel down on desktop
  • showing cube: ctrl + alt + up / select a face: left / right and space
  • Taking screenshots
    • grab entire screen: print key
    • grab only current window: alt + print
    • select area to grab: shift + print
    Enabling these effects and modifications requieres xcompmgr, scrot, kompose (32bit / 64bit) and 3ddesk (32bit / 64bit) and replacing ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml with this. And remember, it’s a configuration system file, so be careful when modifying it. See 3Ddesk in action: