04 Mar

Lubuntu Natty alpha 3

New alpha release (just for testing, you know) available. The (huge) list of changes:

  • New automatic way to build the ISO (thanks to Jonathan Marsden)
  • Replacing Audacious for Aqualung, File-Roller for XArchiver, and GucView for Cheese
  • New applications: Java support, GuCharMap, LXKeyMap, and some docs
  • Lubuntu is now HAL free (thanks to Xubuntu dev)
  • Lxrandr (Monitor settings) is able to save the configuration
  • Lxappareance can configure the font (antialiasing) and openbox directly
  • You can configure the workspaces directly on applet
  • Autologin configuration at install time
  • Icons on the desktop are now moveable
  • Fake transparency available again and using Ubuntu font by default
  • New text Plymouth theme
  • Menus have Administration / Preference sub-menus and are now correctly translated
  • You can now change the layout on a Lubuntu session with LXKeyMap
  • Fixed a critical crash on qemu / kvm (thanks to Fedora dev)
  • Up-to-date LXDE and pcmanfm, also translations up-to-date with LXDE git

Download and test it. You know where, baby. Happy testing!

Additional note: Of course, Ubuntu alpha 3 has been released today too.

05 Dec

Lubuntu Natty Narwhal alpha 1

Julien said: “the Alpha 1 is a snapshot of the actual development, with minimum tests. Expect others breakages until Alpha 2. However, you can easily test it
under virtualbox or qemu”.

Buggy (as known  black background, the panel appears in the middle of the screen, checking the CD fail, start menu not correctly translated, splash screen may fall-back to Ubuntu text one, istaller doesn’t install correct restricted packages).

Anyway, if you want to test it go to downloads section and grab it while hot.

14 Aug


A new blog dedicated to Lubuntu is started, an Ubuntu-based operating system, but enhanced for speed and focused on simplicity. So we celebrate it providing the disc image download, wich is in alpha 3 state (development, for testing purposes only).