21 Jun

Audacious 3.3 alpha

The default audio player of Lubuntu has get a new and revamped interface with lots of UI improvements, like the “lcd” screen, move the controls to a primary toolbar (better for use in Gnome), and a new genre column. Also, all these changes were added to the list:

  • the MPRIS2 plugin now supports seeking and getting/setting the volume
  • the search tool plugin is more inteligent and lets you search by artist, album and song title simultaneously and also, more info is displayed when searching
  • new search tool shortcut (CTRL + Y) using the GTK interface
  • partially re-written core output code
  • new “speed and pitch” plugin (replacing SndStretch)
  • fixed audio conversions so that bit-perfect playback for 16 and 24 bit audio files
  • GIO transport plugin enabled by default, supporting ftp://, sftp://, and smb:// URI protocols
  • the LIRC plugin has been re-added to Audacious (it was missing in the 3.x series)
  • a new output plugin has been added for OpenBSD’s sndio audio system
  • the OSSv3 output plugin has been removed
  • a global hotkey can be assigned to raise/focus Audacious
  • Audacious now only supports GTK3
If you want to install this update do this at the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install audacious

Via: WebUpd8.