16 Nov

Natty Narwhall mockup!

Well, it’s  not really a mockup, it’s already an applied theme to my Lubuntu desktop, fully functional and installable. The mockups are a tricky question, because of their complexity and inability of some visual improvements (due to coding limitations), like this:

Now let’s return to the real world. I don’t know if this theme will be the next one for the 11.04 release of Lubuntu, but anyway it could be a nice theme. I must be voted, aproved and accepted for the (growing) community. It’s based on Zuki Blues, by Lassekongo. Have a look and say what you think (screenshot with and without shadows).

9 thoughts on “Natty Narwhall mockup!

  1. I will chek it! Thank you for your contribution to Lubuntu, which I think is among the most underrated distro but that is perhaps the one with the greatest potential in the future. .. who knows maybe one day lxde with qt4

  2. Well, I prefer a future LXDE with GTK3. QT dislikes me a bit, because of its lisence. But yes, fully agree about the potential.

    My contribution (theming) is a pleasure, and difficult, trying to do the most acceptable design for all. Thank you very much.

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