05 Oct

Box 0.41 (icon theme)

The default icon theme, Box, has reached another completion hit, version 0.41 is one of the most all-covered and complete icon themes over there. More than 2800 objects (icons and symlinks, apps, devices, filetypes, actions, etc) make this a suitable theme for any Linux based OS.

I’d like to thank Julien Lavergne for collecting every upload we made and creating a handy deb package, and my partner at the Lubuntu Artwork Team, Alexander Andjelkovich, without you this theme wouldn’t exist.If you’re going to download and install Lubuntu 13.10 you’ll have it by default (check release schedule). If not, you can check it out here, and choose your architecture here. Next step? Maybe a full Unity compliant Box theme 😉

15 thoughts on “Box 0.41 (icon theme)

  1. Ok, I should test it 🙂

    An other thing : is it planned to have a box icon for the "minimize all windows" button for next versions of Lubuntu ? I think I've already seen such icon in some screenshots (maybe yours).

  2. @Pierre, sorry for replying so late. The answer is yes, I plan to complete as much as possible the Box theme. And not O_o maybe we'll use the Razor panel in the next release, or not. I don't know yet 😉

    @Kaf thank you so much

  3. In this tutorial i will show you how to replace the 'Post A Comment' text that appears … To replace "Post A Comment" message in your Blogger / Blogspot blog follow the … Tick the "Expand Widget Templates" checkbox. … I like your blog themes.

  4. Thanks Rafael. I must say I'm blown away by Arora. What a great browser, and I owe a great BIG thank you to the developers. Now I only need to figure out the best way to make the adblocker work similarly to the extensions/plugins for Firefox and Chrome and then my resurrection project on this Dell will be complete. I installed it on my old Dell Dimension 2400 with only 768mb of RAM. which is running Lubuntu 13.10 nicely with the exception being a decent web browser I tried were CPU heavy except until I tried Arora.

  5. I hit submit too soon. I meant to thank YOU for the great Icon theme. Many, many thanks! It is absolutely the best I've seen yet for Lubuntu. It looks tidy and visually "tight". I wish I had your talent.

  6. Please, you'll make me blush 😀 Thank you so much for accepting this theme. It was a very very risky proposal to users. And you see the result.

    About the web browsers thing, have you test QupZilla? I installed it and it's amazing. And new versions are improving and getting faster. Have a look: http://www.qupzilla.com/download

    Oh, and thanks again 😉

  7. Follow up. Tried it. Impressed. Using it now instead of Arora. Much faster, lighter on CPU and RAM and the Adblocker does everything I need that was lacking from Midori and Arora. Awesome recommendation. Many thanks!

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