28 Feb

WattOS R5

A new release of this minimal concept of Ubuntu using LXDE environment, the release of WattOS R5, based on 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) with the latest updates and featuring a lot of changes from R4:

  • Midori (with Flash support), Transmission and Filezilla
  • Audacious (streaming support included) and SMPlayer
  • Leafpad and KeepassX
  • Pinta, Cheese, Gnumeric and Abiword
  • improvements like ACPI, powertop, psensor, Jupiter and kernel 3.0.0-16

You can download it here. I highly recommend visiting the forum, where you’ll find a lot of information and advices.

04 Feb

DEFT Linux 7

Another Linux distro updated now with Lubuntu in its core: DEFT Linux 7. This is a great recovery and forensic distro with lots of tools to aid for repairing partitions, damaged clusters, recover lost data, make network tests and configurations, etc. I can’t write the whole list of apps included in this release, not enough space 🙂


Mmm, thatartwork sounds familiar to me… 😀

03 Feb


A new great tool ready for using with our beloved Lubuntu: LxScreenshot! This is another brilliant creation from the Stefano, the same author of LxFind. You can imagine what’s its purpose, creating screen captures with ease and a simple interface, with timing capture (in seconds) and the option to choose the folder to save it on.


You can install this tool just by looking for it with the Lubuntu Software Center if you added the PPA. If not, type this in a terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lxscreenshot

It’s highly recommendable to put a handy button on the panel quicklaunch for executing it.