31 Aug

Best ranking of the month

See the image, or see it by yourself at Distrowatch. Lubuntu is the 8th linux distribution according download ratios. We have overcome one of the first ones, over other famous distros like Mandriva, Gentoo, Slackware, etc. So we have to continue the effort and going ahead. Congratulations to all the people who made this possible!

16 Aug


It was necessary, unifying visual configuration of the environment in one application. So, here it is. LxAppearance can now change, at once, details such as icons, controls, colours, mouse cursors and window decoration. It only lacks the ability to change the desktop wallpaper. Better for novices and those who don’t like complicated things. It will be available in the repo soon.

14 Aug


A new blog dedicated to Lubuntu is started, an Ubuntu-based operating system, but enhanced for speed and focused on simplicity. So we celebrate it providing the disc image download, wich is in alpha 3 state (development, for testing purposes only).