20 Feb

Theme convergence

Lubuntu theme gets more updates and fixes. Now it was merged again with Ubuntu’s Light themes (getting the last development features and fixes from Ubuntu), so a lot of redundant information was removed, colour definitions were fixed (specially in Nautilus), incorrect bitmaps fixed (in Thunar). You can see the difference between “old” Nautilus colours and the fixed ones:


Soon it’ll be uploaded here and will be available for everybody, when Interface Freeze date arrives

8 thoughts on “Theme convergence

  1. Of course, now background is white! 😛

    No, really. The most important changes are related to the "fusion" with Light Themes. Box was merged to use the "pure code" of Ubuntu for its widgets, as they're planning updating it with improvements that we, the Lubuntu users, will enjoy too.

  2. In the past I noticed some little artwork bugs with Libreoffice controls. I don't know if it is linked with the merge with Ubuntu theme, but this bugs seem to be disappeared now.

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