11 Mar

[Results] Community wallpaper contest

The results are in and the winners are… or rather, the winner is:

Cleide Isabel! She managed to grab the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place with her photos: ‘Vista Do Fitz Roy’, ‘Vale’, ‘Arvore’, ‘Daisie’ and ‘Copan02’.


Congratulations! Full results and statistics can be viewed over at Picompete by clicking here.

A big thank you goes out to Guillaume (the owner of Picompete) who once again helped us host our community contest. Guillaume is not only a supporter of Lubuntu but also a supporter of open source, and he welcomes other open source projects to use his service free of charge.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest by either submitting wallpapers or voting. We really enjoy letting you all be a part of Lubuntu in some way and that’s why we do this contest. Thank you all for your continued support!

6 thoughts on “[Results] Community wallpaper contest

  1. It looks like it was not fair game. You said one photo per user in the constraints of the contest: "Quality before quantity – one submission per user" sic.
    However it is so rare all the votes went to the same person's photos.
    It is not serious.

  2. Right, we preferred that quantity were more equal, but a few things can explain the results:

    – the polling can't discriminate and select a specified number of pic per user

    – we cannot control de votes that every user get. In this case, the 5th wallpaper wins the 6th by 100 points, and consequent wallpaper get a minor difference

    – we had very limited offer. 22 pics for a contest make us question that it's not interesting for the people (against the near 500 that obtained Ubuntu)

    And no, we don't know the winner user at all. But I must admit that results look not very fair due to all reasons.

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