18 Aug

We need your input on Lubuntu image sizes!

This has been extended to 30 August 2016 at 19 UTC.

The Lubuntu team needs your feedback!

We would like to get your input on a poll we have created to gauge your usage of the Lubuntu images. Your feedback is essential in making sure we make the right decision going forward!

The poll is located here: http://lubuntu.me/cd-size-poll/

The poll closes on 26 August 2016 at 19 UTC, so please get your feedback in before then!

5 thoughts on “We need your input on Lubuntu image sizes!

  1. Technology changes blah, blah, blah. Isn’t the point of a lightweight linux distro so we can stay *behind* the curve and be entirely selective about what we choose to bloat our systems with? If we accept the premise that we should accept application growth to progress with the times, then that’s a strong argument to simply use Ubuntu which has a higher probability of survival as an organization since after all, it is not a fork of you, you’re a fork of it. So if I have to go about the tedious business of uninstalling a pile of apps that came bundled to spite me I may as well go back to uninstalling them from the main daddy-o.

    This survey should be unnecessary.

  2. The Ubuntu 16.04 and Lubuntu 16.04 are not working on my Dell Inspiron N5010, check the internet search engine everybody complain. The same situation with Linux Mint 18.

    The sizes of Operating systems are going high and the speed is going down.

    We need speed, privacy, reliability and ease of installation not beauty. Otherwise MS Windows 8 and 10 are more beautiful but having no speed, no privacy, and no reliability and much heaver on computer systems.

    Computer mean speed.

    I personally use Portius Linux and slitaz Linux operating systems.


    Roman Hover

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