15 Jul

Lubuntu Bug Day

The Lubuntu team is running a bug day on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. It’s a spin of a hug day.

We will have an Ubuntu On Air session on Monday, July 25, 2016 from 19 to 20 UTC. I will give a presentation for the first half, then for the second half, I will be joined by Walter Lapchynski and we will answer questions provided to us over IRC. I strongly recommend that you either attend the session or watch the archive, because we might answer a question that you have. To attend, go to ubuntuonair.com during the date/time I listed above.

What’s a Hug day?

From the Ubuntu Bug Day wiki page:

“A Hug Day is a special day where the Ubuntu Community comes together with a shared goal of triaging bugs for a specific package or set of packages. Working together allows us to share knowledge and give some much needed assistance to the Ubuntu Developers. The term Hug Day is a spin on Bug Day; every time someone triages a bug, then someone else should hug him/her. Why? This is a very special way for us to tell everyone that we love contributions! And triaging bugs is a really big contribution.”

What bugs are we targeting?

The Lubuntu team has a team called the Lubuntu Packages Team. It was created to help track all the bugs related to Lubuntu, and it is a very useful team for subscribing to all of the Lubuntu-related bugs. We would like to ensure that this team stays up to date with all the Lubuntu bugs, so we can make sure that our development team has an eye on them. To do this, we need to go through the following steps:

  1. Find a bug that affects software preinstalled in Lubuntu.
  2. Triage the bug accordingly, and if it still exists in a reproducible state, subscribe the Lubuntu packages team.
  3. Add the bug to our known bugs list.

Where is the communication for this event happening?

Join the #lubuntu-devel channel on freenode, this is the Lubuntu team’s IRC channel, and people will be around to help. If you don’t have an IRC client, Kiwi IRC is a decent web client.

We hope to see you there!

This post has been adapted from the email that was sent to the lubuntu-devel list on Fri Jul 15 05:05:57 UTC 2016 by Simon Quigley.