30 Aug

Incoming upgrades


The QT version of OBConf is ready. PCMan has ported using the QT libraries to match the LXDE-QT or the upcoming Razor-QT desktops. There’re a few things that do not work, such as font settings, dock settings, theme previews, etc. Anyway this app is almost fully functional.

Via LXDE blog

Gnumeric 1.12.6

One of the office components has been updated too. This version improves the support for Open Document formats and Microsoft Excel. Lubuntu includes now 1.12.4 and it’s supposed that this update will be ready in a few days and our systems will be upgraded.

Via Lffl

16 Aug

Happy 20th b’day, Debian!

Original balloons by AJ

We’re glad to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Debian, the legendary Linux distribution which Lubuntu is based on (thus was Ubuntu), the first one taking care of the really free software and the implication on building a multiarchitecture system.

For celebrating, Debian invited everybody to the DebConf 13, a conference for developers at Le Camp, Vaumarcus (Switzerland). So, Happy Birthday to your awesome OS, Ian Murdock!