20 Jun

Lubuntu blog is smart!

We’re changing and getting better everyday, with your suggestions, of course. The last change I’ve made is a template for the blog available for smartphones. Now you can read the Lubuntu blog everywhere!screenshot).

On the left Samsung Galaxy S II with Miren Browser and iPhone on the right. Thanks to Kelo for the screenshot 😉

19 Jun

A few things

Long time since last update. Ok, I’m back and have a few news for you. First of all is mentioning a new version of the distro Trisquel mini, using LXDE desktop (and, let me say it, an artwork that reminds me Lubuntu 😀 ). The goal of this distro is being absolutely “free”, without any proprietary apps or drivers. Because of this it’s one of the free GNU distribution list.

Another great thing is the update of PCManFM. Now the fodler tree is back, among other changes and updates. And it’s getting ready for the GTK3 libraries change. It will be uploaded to the main repositories in a few days.