17 Jan

Tools updated

After a revieweing and tuning process (by the one who never sleeps, Julien Lavergne) the additional tools for Lubuntu has been updated. There are changes in version numbers (lubuntu-control-center 0.3 and lxkeymap 0.3) and wheight (recompiled and reduced unneeded size). Now the tools are from the official Lubuntu Desktop PPA (ensuring compatibility). Jump to the tools section and download while hot!

15 Jan

DEFT 6 Linux

Lubuntu must be doing it well, so there’re lots and lots of new derivatives growing up everywhere. This one, DEFT Linux version 6, is a forensic purpose distro, and comes in both Linux and Windows versions (aka DEFT 3 Extra), with specific tools for helping police and investigators to deal with “criminal” computers 🙂 .

11 Jan

WattOS R3

Another flavour of Ubuntu (Maverick based) using our beloved LXDE desktop: WattOS R3. It comes with a lot of improvements, a wide range of applications and ease of use. The distro includes Foobnix as media player, the photo editor Fotoxx, PCManFM with network support, KeePassX password manager, the standard planner Osmo, RedNotebook for creating personal diaries, and Firefox as the default web browser. Only available for x86 (32 bit) computers.

05 Jan

Zorin OS 4 Lite

I must talk about another “derivative” distribution born upon Lubuntu, this called Zorin OS. Using an LXDE desktop, it has unique desktop configuration features, like Background Plus (plays animations in the background), Splash Screen Manager (self explanatory), and Look Changer (switches look to a Windows, MacOSX or Gnome like). This distro can look familiar to everyone and maintains the speed and lightness of Lubuntu.