22 Oct

Alternate install

For those who want to rescue a very old machine maybe Ubiquity installer is too heavy and full featured. So we’re testing a new text based installing system, based on Ubuntu alternate installer (wizard, anyway). If you want to test it download it and burn. But remember, it’s only a test (thanks to Phill Whiteside).

10 Oct

10.10.10 !

The day has arrived. The final stable release of Lubuntu is here. Not too much to say, except you can download it while it’s hot! Go to downloads section and get it! Julien Lavergne said:

== What is Lubuntu ? ==

Lubuntu is an Ubuntu derivated using the LXDE desktop. It’s designed to be a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop environment.

Lubuntu is actually not part of the Ubuntu family, and not build with the current Ubuntu infrastructure. This release is considered as a «stable beta», a result that could be a final and stable release if we was included in the Ubuntu family.

== Features ==

 * Based on the lightweight LXDE desktop environment.
 * Pcmanfm 0.9.7, a fast and lightweight files manager using gio/gvfs.
 * Lxdm, a lightweight GTK display manager.
 * Chromium, the open-source version of Google Chrome.
 * … and, of course, based on Ubuntu 10.10

08 Oct

CD cover

Recognized by an overwhelming majority, the designs for the wallet, disc and lightscribe images for the 10.10 version are ready to download. They’re available at the usual marketing place so, feel free to download and print them while they’re hot! I hope you like it.

BTW, have you noticed that there’s only two days left for the upcoming (and long awaited) final version of Lubuntu (and possibly the Ubuntu one too)? Don’t care, I’ll keep you all informed and a new download link will appear in this blog.

01 Oct

Beta 2

As you can see, we’re still developing (and working!). Julien Lavergne (a.k.a. The Boss 😀 ) is proud to present the second (and last) testing release. This one includes some bug fixes and has the usual Ubuntu updates (that are plenty). Here are the download links (please, using torrent is better for everybody). Also, I’ve updated the downloads section. There you can still download the last stable version of Lubuntu, if you don’t want to test this release and want your system to be stable and fully functional.