29 Jan

Xenial Xerus alpha 2

The second alpha of the Xenial Xerus (to become 16.04) has now been released! As usual, you are asked to read the release notes so that you are aware of issues and thus save you time filing them again. But, please do test it as widely as possible. Features:

  • LXQt is still in development, as such Xenial Xerus is GTK based
  • This Xenial Xerus snapshot includes the v4.3 kernel. 16.04 will ship with the 4.4 kernel which is available for testing
  • As this is an LTS, there will be a new PPC version released

Release Notes and downloads at the wiki page.

3 thoughts on “Xenial Xerus alpha 2

  1. Looks amazing the new Lxqt, I hope that have the same performance of Lxde, in present I stay on 14.04 and the Lubuntu project have a very stable distro derivative, but Lxqt have a good appearance.
    Thanks for the amazing work.

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