29 Apr

Lubuntu Natty 11.04

The Lubuntu team is proud to announce the release of the Natty version, with the following features:

 * Based on the lightweight LXDE desktop environment.
* Pcmanfm 0.9.8, a fast and lightweight files manager using gio/gvfs.
* Lxdm, a lightweight GTK display manager.
* Chromium, the open-source version of Google Chrome.
* … and, of course, based on Ubuntu 11.04

Download it while it’s hot!

[may 04, 2011] ISO uploaded at the Lubuntu Blog

7 thoughts on “Lubuntu Natty 11.04

  1. You have to admit that it's avery old machine. Anyway just try, you've got nothing to lose (except data 😀 ). But even installing on it, you'll have no swapping possibilities, or a dedicated home partition, so the requierements for any linux distro are very limited.

  2. I have a suggestion to make, but I dont know how and where I should do it.
    My suggestion would be, why dont you add these lines do lubuntu-rc.xml


    This would help netbook/laptop users =]

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