12 Jan

Lubuntu 17.10.1 (Artful Aardvark) released!

Lubuntu 17.10.1 has been released to fix a major problem affecting many Lenovo laptops that causes the computer to have BIOS problems after installing. You can find more details about this problem here.

Please note that the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities have not been fixed in this ISO, so we advise that if you install this ISO, update directly after.

This release is no different in terms of features from the 17.10 release, and is comparable to an LTS point release in that all updates since the 17.10 release have been rolled into this ISO. You can find the initial announcement here.

You can download 17.10.1 ISOs for the following architectures:

Alternate (debian-installer-based) ISOs have been published as well, and you can grab them here:

Many thanks to Lubuntu’s testers (especially the ones from Google Code-In, that was a great help!) and Steve Langasek from the Ubuntu Release Team for making this happen!