15 Jan

Lubuntu Xenial Xerus (with LXQt) in a Raspberry Pi 2

A nice experiment made by wxl from the Lubuntu QA Team: running Lubuntu Xenial Xerus on a Raspberry Pi 2, with LXQt desktop. Made with Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker, and following simple instructions:

  • Get the image from here
  • Install the image
  • do-release-upgrade to Xenial
  • Install LXQt packages following the wiki guide

And that’s all. Enjoy Lubuntu in your new Pi. Remember this is just an experiment, it may be unstable. But what are Raspberry Pi computers for, but testing and having fun?


04 Jan

Xenial Xerus alpha 1

Hi folks, the 1st milestone release of what will be our 16.04 LTS is now out in the wild. I’m only posting the release notes link, as it is important you know of issues (none are computer critical) so that you don’t waste your time reporting an issue we already know of. If you find new issues, please follow the reporting section at the bottom of the notes.

Grab it while it’s hot!

26 Oct

Translated Release Notes for 15.10

Lubuntu is the most international flavour!

Thanks to some friends, collaborators and members of our Facebook groups, we have the Wily Werewolf Release Notes translated to a lot of languages. Here’s the (growing) list:


If you want to add your native language to the list, and you know how to use MoinMoin wiki syntax, don’t hesitate and contact us leaving a comment. You all made this possible. Thank you!

Edit: if you want to help us to translate Lubuntu, join the Lubuntu Global team.