05 Dec

Join Phabricator

Inspired by the wonderful KDE folks, Lubuntu has created a Phabricator instance for our project. Phabricator is an open source, version control system-agnostic collaborative development environment similar in some ways to GitHub, GitLab, and perhaps a bit more remotely, like Launchpad.

We were looking for tools to organize, coordinate, and collaborate, especially across teams within the project. In particular, we wanted a taskboard similar to Trello, which Phabricator does a great job with. It also has lots of other features (including continuous integration which perhaps we may make use out of).

We encourage you to get an account and play with it, find places that you can contribute (such as deciding on Lubuntu Next apps). We’re working on Ubuntu One authentication but you can do a normal user / password as well as GitHub or Twitter OAuth. Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. After you’re done checking it out, you might want to contribute to this poll about adding a Canonical-hosted Phabricator.

Many thanks to Altispeed Technologies for letting us host our Phabricator instance in their servers.