28 Jul

Lubuntu 15.10 alpha 2

Hi, testing of the second Alpha of Lubuntu 15.10, codename Wily Werewolf is now taking place. Please do help test. Details of how to test can be found at the Testing wiki. Feedback appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Lubuntu 15.10 alpha 2

  1. All the important distros bring lxqt by default, I understand that lxqt isn´t ready to be the default in 15.10 but at least if you have a ppa to install it, Why not put it in the official repo of Lubuntu like Unity 8 for testing purpose?
    A ppa can break the system and it´s used very little.

  2. Goodness, 16.10 for LXQt? I was all excited thinking it was coming in 15.10… I must have missed the news! I suppose I'll just have to enjoy anticipating it for a while longer 😉 Thank you for your continued work.

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