26 Jul

Zorin OS 5 Lite

The Zorin group has recently released the Zorin OS 5 Lite, a renewed Ubuntu based operating system with similar features and look from Microsoft Windows, making users easily migrate to Linux.

The system is using the LXDE desktop and includes GNU Paint and Simple Scan, Google and Pidgin, Abiword and Gnumeric, and Audacious, Xfburn, etc (similar choices in Lubuntu), a browser chooser and a look changer.

Source: OStatic.

2 thoughts on “Zorin OS 5 Lite

  1. Zorin OS 5 Lite (LXDE) has the same bug Ping-Eee OS 11.04 (Pinguy OS), after you install in other language, e.g. portuguese, when you restart always is in english, I installed the language pack, I did logout, chose “pt_BR Português (Brasil)” and in this session is in portuguese, but if I restart I lose this setting, and I don’t use the login screen.

    I loved the apps for software extra (in this case: Wine, VLC and Games), I'd wanna something like that for install LibreOffice, Lubuntu-restricted-extras (and others) for example in Lubuntu 🙂

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