16 Nov

Lubuntu 23.10 Backports PPA Released with LXQt 1.4

When users first download Lubuntu, they are presented with two options:

  • Install the latest Long-Term Support release, providing them with a rock-solid and stable base (we assume most users choose this option).
  • Install the latest interim release, providing the latest base with the latest LXQt release.

As we have mentioned in previous announcements, Kubuntu and KDE Neon created the idea of a "Backports PPA." This PPA (or repository, in the case of KDE Neon), exists to layer stable feature updates on top of the rock-solid Ubuntu core you know and love. We were inspired by this idea, and decided to create the Lubuntu Backports repository.

Our intention has originally only been to release these updates for Long-Term Support users. However, we have received an overwhelming amount of feedback from users and corporate partners alike, asking us to release these updates for 23.10. Therefore, we are making an exception by creating this additional repository.

This provides a fourth option for users: install 23.10, enable Backports, and get the latest-and-greatest LXQt, without exposing yourself to the churn of a usual development release cycle (which you can also download, if you'd like to help us out) and its instability. That being said, 23.10's Backports are much less tested. Proceed with appropriate caution.

You can enable this repository via the command line, using the following command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/backports-mantic

Then, you can run Apply Full Upgrade from the LXQt menu. (It will take us a few days to get everything fully migrated over, so be patient if you don't immediately receive these updates.)

PLEASE NOTE: After 24.04 LTS is released, this PPA will be DELETED. It WILL cause apt error messages, halting the process before completion, when you update your system after that point. Please, upgrade to 24.04 LTS when it's released in April 2024, so you do not experience these issues. Also, this PPA is NOT compatible with the 22.04 Backports PPA. Upgrades from 22.04 LTS Backports to 23.10 in general are NOT supported, that does not change with this PPA.

It's a bad idea to enable the Staging repositories if you come across them. Just don't do it, unless you're planning on helping.