28 May

Lubuntu Screencast – Network Manager

Thanks to SilverLion for his work. The easiest way to explain how to fix a bug, for those who didn’t read the Release Notes and want to know what’s happening with thir internet connections. A Screencast is worth a thounsand words!

4 thoughts on “Lubuntu Screencast – Network Manager

  1. An image is worth a thousand words ! Thank you ! I think this kind of video communication about the small hassles one can encounter is more accurate for newbies and casual users.. Make one step into their direction, they'll make three into yours..

  2. Yes, thanks … BUT…to be honest, it's a godawfully embarrassing thing that this hasn't got fixed yet. This has been broken since the first Saucy betas. First beta definitely worked; when I upgraded to later ones, the icon was entirely gone to never reappear again.

  3. I understand you, believe me. I'm the first one who wants everything well done from the beginning. But sometimes things come wrong because reasons beyond our knowledge, and it's not until we understand when they're fixed. That's why everybody should read the Release Notes every cycle we launch a new version.

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