09 Feb

Lubuntu Natty alpha 2

You already know, just for testing. A few changes within:

  • new kernel (2.6.38 rc)
  • audacious replaces aqualung
  • file-roller replaces xarchiver
  • removed cheese

Go to downloads and grab it while it’s hot!

6 thoughts on “Lubuntu Natty alpha 2

  1. Lubuntu LiveCD starts to boot -> Check disc for defects -> Check finished: errors found in 1 files!
    (ISO MD5 checksum is correct, VirtualBox 3.2.12)

  2. Ox, missed this from "our boss":

    I saw a report on the list that the checksum didn't match in the Alpha2
    ISO, so I will try to find a fix for that. To do so, I need to know how the details of these ISOs are being built, so I can create one with a fixed checksum, and also so I can then fix the build tools or build documenattion, so we always create ISOs with valid checksums in future, automatically 🙂

    As you can see, there's a fix coming. Thank you very much for your advice.

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