17 Jul

LightDM on Lubuntu

Due to Ubuntu major changes in Oneiric release, we need to adapt our distro too. This will make it easier to develop and debug cross-distro code. So, another change will come to Lubuntu: the greater. Lubuntu will use LightDM, as Ubuntu will do. Obviously I need to polish and make it look good, but I’m sure we’ll be on time to make our Lubuntu prettier and faster.

6 thoughts on “LightDM on Lubuntu

  1. Yeah, but what I really I'm waiting is a software center because Synaptic isn't easy to beginners and Whenever I install for friends and family I need to install the Ubuntu software center. Can you create a icon (can be inside menu) for install lubuntu-restricted-extras and other for LibreOffice? I always need to teach this to my friends via phone. Make it more easy, man. Una forta abraçada

  2. @Felipe: we're working on it. It's not easy, because the Software Center itself may not live too much (big changes are coming to Linux, all of them, in package maintenance)

    @Gabriel: Yes. It has been aproved LightDM as the default login for Ubuntu and all its derivatives (including, of course, Lubuntu).

  3. Yeah, I know, 神癒礁湖 (how can I say u name in romaji?), but some "shortcuts" inside menu isn't a bad idea, right? Lubuntu has Gnumeric and Abiword, ok, is a lightweight distro, but why not a entry in "Office" for install easily LibreOffice? And other for lubuntu-restricted-extras? Trisquel 5, a ubuntu 11.04 libre, uses an old ubuntu software center, 9.04, and works very good. Maybe..

  4. For installing LibreOffice just select the package "libreoffice". We have done all the tricks inside Lubuntu for getting a nice interface (matching buttons and theme, screen fonts, etc) of it in Openbox. But we cannot include it.

    And about the package installer, I think Trisquel (saludos, galegos!) uses PackageKit, that you can install too. I'll ask to the crew if we could include it.

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