27 Sep

Lubuntu 19.10 Beta Released!

We are pleased to announce that the beta images for Lubuntu 19.10 have been released!

While we have reached the bugfix-only stage of our development cycle, these images are not meant to be used in a production system. We highly recommend joining our development group or our forum to let us know about any issues.

Where can I download it?

You can download the Beta images off of our Downloads page.

Results of the Lubuntu Wallpaper Contest

For this release we asked the community to get involved in creating the wallpaper for the desktop. The submissions were fantastic and the decision was difficult for the committee to decide. The committee scored the choices and narrowed the selection down. The Lubuntu Members then voted for the winning wallpaper:

The author provided some context around their creation:

Hello, how are you? Very happy to participate in the contest and to have been selected to be part of the desktop of the next version of Lubuntu.
I send you the final version of the desktop wallpaper that I created for the attached contest like LubuntuFINAL.svg, created in Inkscape and also a .zip file with different design variants, including the original blue background version. I have modified the images so that they have the corresponding license.
The image story comes like this. I am a man who likes to investigate and learn repairing old computers, as a computer fan, without much knowledge, I am trying different Linux distributions, at the moment I learn how to use the terminal, the commands and the dynamics of the hardware. For what they have given me an old cpu that tried to make work for what I found a while ago with Lubuntu as a very good option for that team since with this operating system it works smoothly and made the team functional, since that team It would be used by the family for general uses. Since I am very satisfied with Lubuntu as a system, I looked for a way to get involved in some way, so I arrived at the Lubuntu forum, it is there where I learned about the contest and where it seemed a good idea to create a desktop background. I have been using open-source programs for some time, as you may have noticed, I am self-taught, I am not a professional graphic designer; so I also ran into Inkscape. As one of my hobbies, I design cartoons, logos, etc.
I thought it was a good idea about the contest but I wasn’t sure…
So I decided to first post it on reddit and see what opinion the users of my desktop background had. That’s where I was encouraged to enter the contest and where I decided to sign up. Well I think I extended too much, I thank you for taking into account for this contest, for being able to participate together with other users who also had very good jobs and for being able to get involved in the next launch of Lubuntu. I hope that users enjoy both the wallpaper, as I enjoy creating it for all of you…
A Big hug!

Marcelo D. Moreira from Argentina.

While the wallpapers didn’t make it into this Beta release, you can expect to see them in time for the final release, and on your computer (please keep your system updated!).

Known Issues

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many keyboard shortcuts have been updated in this release. We have moved many of the keyboard shortcuts from Openbox to the native LXQt shortcut manager, and have spent time polishing the existing shortcuts.
You can find a list of all the updated shortcuts here.
Unfortunately, they won’t be updated automatically when upgrading from Lubuntu 19.04 to Lubuntu 19.10.
Here are the steps to update them manually:

  1. Delete the following files:
    • ~/.config/lxqt/globalkeyshortcuts.conf
    • ~/.config/lxqt/lxqt-runner.conf
    • ~/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml
  2. Reboot

Follow the same procedure for all users if there are more than one present.
This will reset all the shortcuts to new defaults as listed in the manual. (Editor’s note: Add link to man page.)

Note: This will clear any non default shortcuts you might have configured by yourself (e.g: Super+T for qterminal). You will have to assign them again using shortcuts settings from LXQt Configuration Center.


This release could not have happened without the help from our contributors. Thank you to the following people that make Lubuntu happen:

If you find Lubuntu useful, please consider donating to the project or contributing your time.