29 Jun

Lubuntu willl NOT ship Mir

This is a correction post. I want to apologize for my last post, due to some uncertain comms NOT proved or confirmed by the Lubuntu coordinator, where I asumed that next release of Lubuntu 13.10 will bring us Mir / XMir as display server, and will keep X for now and on 14.04 too.

So, the Lubuntu Blog wants to be clear about this and regrets lthe last (now erased) post. If you need more information from the mailing lists read this.

Thanks for your patience and sorry again.

26 Jun

München and Monaco go Lubuntized

Maybe it’s a well known news, but I have to spread it worldwide. As communicated officially, “Munich City Council plan to make Ubuntu discs available as a ‘replacement for Windows XP’ – Microsoft’s 11-year old operating system for which support officially ends in April of next year. The proactive effort is been billed as an attempt to ‘prevent electronic waste’ from discarded computers that, whilst still serviceable with an alternative OS, would fail to meet the requirements of Windows 7 or Windows 8”.

München inner city

These are good news for the open software. And it demonstrates that Lubuntu isn’t at all the “little brother” of Ubuntu. Well, maybe yes talking about setup size or memory requierements, but not less considered. So I want to thank Julien Lavergne, the coordinator of the Lubuntu Team, and their respective collaborators (and users) for a rewarded great job.

LAST HOUR FROM LFFL: “Il Comune di Monaco punta sempre più in Linux, oltre ad utilizzare Linux e software liberi come la suite per l’ufficio LibreOffice ha iniziato a preparasi per il termine del supporto di Windows XP previsto per l’otto aprile 2014 consigliando Lubuntu”.

Via OMGUbuntu & LFFL  |  Photo by Wikipedia

03 Jun

Aerosnap feature

Finally (sorry, ronniew). The window stacking to the edge feature, explained and simplified for Lubuntu prior to 13.04 (where it is, in fact, already implemented).

Not very sofisticated, keyboard driven only. The next version of Openbox will support this drag’n’drop features, so we could enjoy as XFWM or Metacity users do. Available at Tips’n’Tricks section.