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PCManFM is the default file and desktop manager for Lubuntu. Despite its simplicity it supports custom actions, a collection of scripts in .desktop format to extend functionality (usually with the richt-click menu on a file). All you need is place them at the folder “~/.local/share/file-manager/actions” (you’ll need to press ctrl+h to show this hidden folders).

These files are just text script with information about what to do, where and how, with the extension “.desktop”. If you need more info visit MadeBits, provided by our friend Vasian. Here’s the list of actions you can download, and more to coming (just grab them and put on the folder mentioned above):


▼ Open folder as root

It allows open a folder as root (superuser)

▼ Set as wallpaper

Selects an image file as a wallpaper for your desktop

If you have nice actions please send them and share with all of us!

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