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3D Desktop

This is the most funny way to handle multiple spaces with Lubuntu. 3D-Desktop is a great tool that let us transform our desktop in a 3-dimensional cube (just like Compiz or KWin does) that you can rotate, launch apps in a separate “screen” and having more opened windows. The number of 3D screens will depend on your created workspaces (you can add or remove workspaces using the middle-click on your desktop).

First step: you must download and install the 3D-Desktop package (choose your architecture here).

Second step: you will need Brightside (look here if you haven’t installed it) and configure like this (we chose here to start it moving the mouse pointer to the upper top corner, but you can set your own preferences):

Third step: open Default Applications for LXSession to add both Brightside and 3D-Desktop to your startup apps (the 3D-Desktop deamon is called 3ddeskd):

Logout and now every time you use that hot-corner your desktops will look like this:

And that’s all. Have fun!

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