20 Mar

Zorin OS 6 Lite

Ayrton Zorin strikes again with the new version of Zorin OS 6 Lite, based on Lubuntu 11.10 core and now comes with LXDE environment. This release includes a new and refined Software Center, as well as other known tools like Zorin Look Changer, Zorin Internet Browser Manager, Zorin OS Lite Extra Software and other programs from earlier versions in Zorin OS. You can download here (please, be sure you use the “lite” section, or the heavier desktop version will downloaded otherwise).

6 thoughts on “Zorin OS 6 Lite

  1. BS……Zorin 6 lite…aint shite….its GREAT…in fact it sthe BEST LXDE I've tried…WAY better than Lubuntu, Mint LXDE, Peppermint OS two, Xbuntu…the list goes on….TRY IT!!

  2. Zorin 6.4 is still the fastest and best desktop, but there is no upgrade… i tried, but no luck. I am an European in China on this.

    I wanted to try the 12 version of Zorin, but everything became so dark with this distro, and they removed all comments from theyr blog, removed the forum from theyr page, and if you find the forum, posts are blocked for comments. Why?

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