26 Apr

Trusty CD cover

As you may know Canonical has released another wallet for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, as it is an LTS version it may deserve that. So we have one too. And you all know me, I’m so “Canonicalized” I only publish “official” artwork when Canonical does, but this time for our flavour Lubuntu.

You can download the Lubuntu wallet here. It includes a normal CD / DVD cover, a disc imprint and a Lightscribe version, both with and without hole (thanks for that advice) with, of course, source SVG included. I hope you like it!

13 thoughts on “Trusty CD cover

  1. My only gripe about this upgrade is that Chromium is having issues on it. I do like Firefox but Chromium's speed matches a speedy OS and makes Lubuntu 64-bit a performance beast.

  2. right, I get it.
    But why aren't we deveoping a kickstarter to get these DVD's done for the community, at the cost of postage , plus a quid , or so ?

    I'm not a fan of imitation, and to be honest I find the artwork above based on that of a sycophant.

  3. @Anonymous, that was the most beautiful thing anybody told me today 😉

    If you are afraid of imitations I must tell you that making Lubuntu as closer as possible to Ubuntu made us an official flavour.

    Designers do reasonable things. They're not random. I'm just following their specs. All designers use a corporative manual when aboarding an already stablished design.

    When I do something too similar to a Canonical's design, it's not a fan imitation, as I'm member of the Artwork Team. I just follow the rules strictly. And I like it. There're plenty alternative material at spreadubuntu.org if you want something diferent and made by fans. This is simply official. We have rules.

  4. Hola Rafael,

    Al parecer varios usuarios estamos teniendo el mismo problema con la wifi en Lubuntu 14.04.

    No nos detecta la wifi automaticamente ni a traves de "conexiones de red"

  5. You're faster then me! Don't worry, I'll publish REAL news. I mean, the desktop is still so beta it crashes almost everything, themeing isn't homogeneous and more bugs to polish. Ditto!

  6. @Starter, parece que el origen del problema es el mismo, la dichosa nm-applet. Mañana subiré el PPA LTS para mantenimiento y corrección de errores. Según parece éste se resolverá también.

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