06 May

Get extra apps for Lubuntu

You like Lubuntu, you waited for it, you downloaded and installed it. Now you have a beautiful and fast environment running on your computer. You possibly read the Tips’n’Tricks articles on this blog and customized the installed system to your needs and taste. But youve got a new repository with a few non-official apps:

  • compton, a very fresh git version of this composite manager
  • lubuntu-tweaks, a simple tool to tweak some aspects of your desktop
  • menulibre, and graphical editor for the application menu entries
  • viewnior, a revamped image viewer with extra abilities (crop, resize, etc)
  • xombrero, a very minimalistic and ultra-fast web browser

And more to come. If you want to get these apps, just execute this on LXTerminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/non-official-apps
sudo apt-get update

…and then execute “sudo apt-get install ” followed by a space and the app name you want.