18 Oct

Saucy Salamander is out!

Finally the day arrived. New ISOs for every model of architecture are available. I updated the downloads section where you can grab the new Lubuntu Saucy Salamander with all these improvements (among others not so visible):

  • LightDM using a simple GTK+ greeter
  • Firefox as the new web browser for Lubuntu 13.10
  • new version of PCManFM and libfm including a built-in search utility
  • artwork improvements, new wallpapers, community wallpapers and icons
  • removed Catfish since PCManFM has its own search utility
  • fixed a very old bug causing GNOME MPlayer to crash with some CPUs
  • several fixes for the GPicView image viewer

Go to downloads section and get it for free now!

7 thoughts on “Saucy Salamander is out!

  1. My sudo -y dist-upgrade went without any problem and it took 1 hour to upgrade via 25 mbps Wi-Fi. So far no bugs but I wish they wouldn't reinstall the software that we removed such as Abiword (I use Libre Office Writer) and others… Got good feedback from sharing on Google+ PcmanFM is also much better now.

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