22 Jun

Refreshing desktop (mockup)

Ozone gets revamped. Doing some experiments with the concept of “fresh air” and “soft light” in a clean and gentle atmosphere. Please, feedback about these concept wallpapers (saturated and unsaturated variations):

7 thoughts on “Refreshing desktop (mockup)

  1. Have you ever think about green??
    KDE is blue, Gnome is orange (sort of), XFCE don't know… but Lubuntu could be green, since we stand for an efficient/energy saving desktop!!
    I find it a good idea 🙂

  2. I never really thought about that, but Ubuntu now is purple, Kubuntu is blue, Xubuntu is blue and Lubuntu is blue. Altough the blue from Kubuntu is a lot different from the one of Lubuntu, I feel that the blue from Xubuntu is to similar from these. If you take a quick look at those desktops (L and X), without paying much attention, it is easy to think that is the same distro… Don't get me wrong, I really liked the "fresh air", but maybe is missing some visual identity.

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