26 May

Notifications fixed

Remember these ugly notification messages?

Finally, and thanks to Xubuntu guys, the notifications in the Lubuntu desktop will look properly. This is an old bug (see #1362555), affecting multiple themes, crossing and assigning incorrect values to some GTK widgets. But now they’re fixed. If you want to fix it in your system, you must add the Lubuntu Artwork PPA to your system (instructions here). This is how it looks now:

6 thoughts on “Notifications fixed

  1. Thank you – it was quite embarrassing when I tried to convince people to use Lubuntu and they saw these unprofessional looking notifications.

  2. I'm sorry, but it is not gone. Apparently this has been fixed just for Lubuntu default theme.
    I'm still having problems with dark theme. I just added the ppa, updated and upgraded the packages, and rebooted the system just in case.

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