27 Jan

New Compton PPA

It’s finished. A new PPA is available for Comtpon, the lightweight compositing manager. Thanks to cchj and Richard Grenville we have a new thirdparty repository available. It has been tested on both Quantal and Raring, and I must say it’s pretty stable. Just follow the instructions provided at the Compton page at Tips’n’Tricks. Enjoy!

PS. Soon I’ll update the configuration guide to modify the settings file without using pasameters at the command line.

13 thoughts on “New Compton PPA

  1. I think each one has its own goals, there's no competition. They do the same: activating the compositing effects. But they're very very different.

    Cairo is very easy to use (has a friendly GUI and a systray menu), it has more effects and it's extensible via plugins. But it's a bit unattended (there's no new PPAs or binaries since a few years).

    Compton is command line (CLI), but irt's more simple (so faster and more lightweight), and it's a new project (forked from xcompmgr) actively developed.

    It's a matter of taste πŸ™‚

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