25 Aug

LXPanel 0.7.0 released

A huge update to the GTK+ panel was released. See the list below for some changes. Full log of changes can be fund in git. Lots of new functionalities like:

  • new plugin ‘launchtaskbar’ combining ‘launchbar’ and ‘taskbar’
  • replaced ‘pager’ plugin with former ‘wnckpager’ one
  • allowed drag applications from system menu plugin
  • using human readable sensor names if available (like ‘Core 0′, etc)
  • renamed button to configure plugin from ‘Edit’ to ‘Properties’
  • etc.

Soon in Lubuntu repositories. More info here.

Via LXDE Blog

4 thoughts on “LXPanel 0.7.0 released

  1. When I move and place the taskbar to the right or left on the screen, the appearance of it becomes all wrong.

    The Lubuntu does not change the theme of windows.

    He needs mouse pointers larger, which comes by default are very small, need an option for large or extra large size.

    I use Lubuntu 14.

  2. Anyway, the default theme for Lubuntu is ready for horizontal panels, because it's a bitmap made for that. If you turn the panel you must change its background or use a plain colour.

    The windows borders theme is changed with lxappearance OpenBox plugin, or with the app ObConf.

    If you need cursors you can look for them at http://www.gnome-look.org

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